The Rhode Island Renewable Energy Growth Program makes it easy to be paid by National Grid for your solar energy production. Depending on the term project size and other variables, National Grid will pay from 29.8 cents to 41.41 cents per killowatt hour from solar generation. learn more »


With our Solar Loan Program, solar ownership is now within reach. With approved credit you will receive a custom solar array fine-tuned to your energy needs. No down payment is required and all payments are fixed for 12 years. With our Solar Loan Program, you will own the system from day one.


RESNE is a full service solar installation company headquartered in Rhode Island. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations and set the bar for the highest level of customer service. Co-Founder Paul Morgan brings over 25 years of electrical contracting service to RESNE. Along with their partners, RESNE has the products, financing, knowledge and ability to get the job done right, on time and within budget.

Your Local Solar Installer RESNE, Inc. is Headquartered in Rhode Island

Power Your Home with a Solar System You Own

OWNERSHIP. PEACE OF MIND. LOW COST. And the power to lower your electric bills. That's the power of the unique Solar Loan Program, The Solar Loan Program puts a solar system on your roof, designed and installed by RESNE,INC. You get a custom Solar Array fine­tuned for your home's energy needs, with a no money­down option and predictable payments from a third­party loan provider with ownership from day one.

Sample Analysis

  • National Grid will pay 37.75 cents per kilowatt hour produced for solar generation over a twenty year term for newly installed solar systems ranging in size from 1–10 Kw.
  • The size of the system in this example is 9.99 KW with a first year annual production of 11,892 kWh averaging 991 kWh per month.
  • The average monthly Performance Based Incentive Payment would be $374.10 (991 x .3775 = $374.10).
  • Over the same term the estimated monthly solar loan payment would be $198.85, resulting in an average first year profit of $175.25 per month ($374.10 – $198.85 = $175.25)... Yes, It is that simple!
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20-Year Performance Guarantee

Your system will generate as much electricity as we promise or we will reimburse you and make it right. Period. 20-Year Inverter Repair/Replacement includes Labor & Shipping. 20-Year Proactive Monitoring Service.

The SolarOwntm Loan Offered by a Third Party Loan Provider1

  • The Solar Loan Program is offered by a third party provider.
  • Loan amount from $65,000 to $55,000
  • No income verification required.
  • The Solar Loan program is offered by GreenSky Credit