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Renewable Energy Services of New England (RESNE) is your top choice for all of your solar energy needs! Our experts are here to consult, install, inspect, maintain, and assist you with all of your renewable energy questions.

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There is a lot to know and consider before you choose a solar company. Our sales team will thoroughly educate you regarding installation methods and the incentive programs available to you. Our company prides itself on the quality of our install. RESNE, Inc takes the time needed to hide all electrical wiring within the interior walls of your home. The inverter and the Combiner panel are hidden in the basement or garage. With hundreds of custom solar array installations under our belt, only 3 homes required the use of a conduit run mounted on the exterior of a home.


Solar is a great way to save money and help your business to thrive! Our company will assist you in obtaining the available incentives. In addition, we will educate you on realizing the tax credits and depreciation to which you will be entitled. From planning your system, to installation, to service after the sale, we are your one-stop-shop for solar energy!

These Timber Frame Structures

A new, exciting innovation in the solar installation program is our solar shade structure. These structures are available to both Residential and Commercial property owners. Made of native wood, this structure is the ultimate in versatility. It can function as a carport, a three season room, a pavilion or any other purpose you can imagine for your property. The structure can be customized to fit your needs with the only design constraint being that it needs to remain a rectangle. Other than that, if you can dream it, we can build it.

RI Incentives

Rhode Island Regrowth Program

Through the Renewable Energy Growth (REG) program, National Grid pays residential system owners in Rhode Island a performance-based incentive (PBI) for producing solar energy. The PBI is a flat rate per kilowatt-hour, which is determined by multiple factors including term and project size.

Participation in the REG program is offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. While you may be eligible, capacity is limited. If you have a recently-installed solar PV system or if you’re looking to make the switch to solar in the near future, contact us today to discuss your options.

For more information about the REG program, visit the program’s main page or contact us.

RI Net Metering Program

Net metering is a billing tool that allows you to send the excess energy your panels generate to the local grid in exchange for credits on your monthly electric bills. When power is produced—but not immediately needed for use—it is sent out to the grid and credited to your electric account. The Net Metering Program offers Residential Customers grants of up to $5,000 with Commercial Customers being eligible for grants up to $75,000 from the Rhode Island Renewable Energy Fund.

Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

The ITC is a dollar-for-dollar credit for expenses invested in renewable energy properties, most often solar developments. Inflation Reduction Act extended the ITC from 2022 through 2032 as a 30 percent credit for qualified expenditures.

Our Process


    We will meet with you to understand your needs and review the information you've provided.


    Our experts will determine the exact setup required to serve your energy needs.


    Our knowledgable and skillful crew will install the solar energy system to code and with care.


    We stand behind our work and test all functionality to ensure everything works as designed.


    Our resourceful staff will assist you with system setup and selecting the right program.

All solar installers are not created equal! Because we are located in Rhode Island, our customers know that we are only a local call away when they need service on their project. Our team will process any warranty claims or any other requests within hours or days, not weeks or months!


About Us

Renewable Energy Services of New England, Inc (RESNE) is a full-service solar installation company that services clientele throughout Rhode Island.

RESNE is committed to making solar energy an affordable, attractive option for every customer. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations and set the bar for the highest level of customer service.

What makes us different?

You will find many solar panel system installation choices, all claiming to be the best solar energy company. However, not all companies install systems with the care and concern that we offer. Unfortunately, it is common practice within the solar industry to leave equipment and conduit runs exposed on the exterior of the house. Although these methods do fall within the codes of installation, the result is an installation that diminishes the beauty of your home. RESNE, Inc. takes the time and care to hide all electrical wiring in the interior walls of the home, and all other equipment is hidden in the basement or the garage. One of our slogans is "Solar does not need to be ugly!" A little extra time will result in a neat and clean installation.


100% recommend using RESNE! From personal experience, from start to finish they are wonderful. The whole team is fast, reliable, responsible and very professional! We used RESNE for our solar at the beginning of the year and it was one of the best things we have done as home owners! Ed is extremely honest and will help you determine what’s best for your home. —Adriana
I highly recommend RESNE! Easy to work with, very honest and professional. It was so nice having face to face conversations and being able to chat with someone local. We used them for our solar and we are extremely happy with them. Have not had an electric bill in months! —Kerri

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